Information from Cameroon during the pandemic period

Il Signore è Risorto ed è qui! Alleluja
4 Aprile 2021
Inaugurazione del sito dell’Istituto
21 Aprile 2021
Il Signore è Risorto ed è qui! Alleluja
4 Aprile 2021
Inaugurazione del sito dell’Istituto
21 Aprile 2021

Bambili’s Community is located at the north west Region of Cameroon. It is also the founding Community in Cameroon. The Sisters are involved in school as well as the pastoral activities of the parish. At the beginning of the year 2020, life started very well with the visit of our Regional Superior and they held their Assembly.
The Regional Superior with the Sisters and the postulants during her fraternal visit to Cameroon on the 3-5 January 2020.
But with the outbreak of COVID in match, every plan and every activity was suspended and life in Bambili’s Community took a different phase. We decided to pray the chaplet of the Divine Mercy everyday at 3pm. We also did adoration as a community for the iradication of this deadly deceas. In order to attend Holy Masses either weekdays or Sundays we had to do balloting in order to get the 5 Sisters who would represent us in the parish for Mass, while the rest would remain in the house following Mass over the Radio (Radio Evangelium).
The radio Masses were not very convinient due to some technical problems on the frequency and at times we would go without the final blessings or other times thinking that it’s a live Mass we would later discover that it was a repeat of the previous Sunday Mass. Sisters and postulants praying for the end of COVID.
All the workers were suspended except the one taking care of our cows and every day we had to disinfect the gate as soon as he comes in and out as well as the cow shed. In our lockdown, we did not waste time but worked hard in our garden planting many vegetables which sustained us for a good number of months.
We had also time to sew face masks, to prepare home made hand sanitizers and disinfectants.
As the Capuchin family in the whole world we severally united in prayers with all the Sisters in endless novenas through the intercession of our Blessed Foundress Mother Francesca. This was done through the social media . We did this joined with our Sisters around her Sanctuary in Uruguay, at Montevideo, where her remains lay.
Since there was no more travelling abroad our 22nd General Chapter had to be postponed to a later date. Our Regional Council and the Sisters in charge of Formation were to have their meetings around the month of May but being so impossible, other options were put into consideration. Thanks to the internet because they held their meetings through the skype successfully and also attended a threedays retreat through Zoom. Thanks to our Regional Superior, Sr. Alem Asfha, who was very vigilant and tirelessly committed in her work day and night to ensure that all the Sisters got the necessary spiritual nourishment through any possible means.
This was not all, as Capuchin Sisters of Mother Rubatto we had our faces filled with smiles and our hearts overflowing with indescribable joy after getting the good news of the successful Process of the canonization of our Blessed Foundress.
We were eagerly waiting for the official day for the declaration of her Sainthood…but ooops! Our smiles were kind of shut down and we have nothing to do now other than hoping in silence since COVID has turned things upside down. We remain helpless till that day that only the Almighty God knows, when all our hidden smiles will be proclaimed with shouts of joy and ululations and our prayers fully answered and we will be free at last.
Annual retreat for the Sisters in Cameroon from the 2-9 September 2020 in Bambili’s Community.
The annual retreat for the postulants in Bambili’s Community from the 3-8 December 2020: Rosemary Mbithe Tili, Benteh Bianca Nyuykongver, Mbiydzenyuy Ellyn Danirtar, Immaculate Nasah, Josephine Kamandi Munyoki e Chebet Lonah.
Sr. Nchia Mispah was the acting director of the school that year. According to her report, the whole school was able to write their exams even when the Government had announced the total lockdown due to COVID. This was so because the announcement came when they were almost done with the exams. This success was as a result of the collaboration from the teachers, parents and pupils. This, actually, was a great achievement for the Sisters of Bambili’s Community, because many schools were not able to write exams that year. However many other plans for the school that year faild as a result of COVID. Even paying the teachers salary was not easy due to the fact that many pupils didn’t completheir schools feels.
As far as vocation promotion is concernt, Sr. Mispah the vocation’s promotor reports that; before the outbreak of COVID, they were many programs layed out for the year 2020 at the level of the Diocese and at individual level. But everything came to stand still after the outbreak of the pandemic. At an individual level, she continued to be in contact with those she had as candidates through phone calls. She also requested people to help her vocation’s promotion in their various parishes. The time for “live-in” was changed and only few candidate were asked to come for live-in, at the end of it all we had only one candidate who started the aspirancy. She got courage to go once for vocation’s promotion though it was not very succesful.
Sr. Hiwet Tesfagherghis, Vicar of the House, driver, gardener and bursa of the House; Sr. Mbuh Marceline Mokia, is a student and helping in the Community; Sr. Kongnso Pamela, student and doing apostolate in the parish with the youths; Sr. Mehret Indrias, the responsible for the kitchen; Sr. Nchia Mispah, the vocation’s promotor and assisting in the school as a teacher and close collaborator of the head mistress; Sr. Leul Teklay, Superior of the House, Regional Vicar, and formator for junior Sisters; Sr. Lettecristos Weldemariam, formator for postulants, Regional Counselor; Sr. Jacquelyne Ogaro, head mistress of the nursery and primary school and working with the CWA in the parish.
Mamfe’s Community is located on the south west Region of Cameroon, about 40 km from the boarder of Nigeria. It is the third founding Community in Cameroon in 2015.
Sr. Virginia Abongsing, class four teacher and a member of the liturgy commission in the parish; sr. Rigbe Teklehaimanot, Superior of the fraternity, and head mistress of Saint Joseph nursery and primary school; Sr. Doreen Ajende Ejugebui, bursar and teacher in the nursey school, in charge of the cardate of Mary and assisting Sunday school.
The Sisters are involved in school and parish pastoral activities. Irrespective of the crises of our two Regions that has greatly affected education, our school enrolment has always been high (700 pupils) comparing to other neighbouring schools. In the year 2020, school didn’t really move on well due to the outbreak of COVID. Everything was suspended except the examination classes. The Sisters and the school staff. During the pandemic period the Community members intensified their prayer life and working in their farm.
Buea is located on the south west Region of Cameroon. It is the second founding Community in Cameroon in 2012. This community is the formation House for aspirants. Since Buea’s Community is a bit nearer to the airport and acts as acts as Community of hospitality whose Sisters traveling in and out of the Country. The Sisters are involved in the hospital as well pastoral activities of the parish.
Sr. Doris Peghama, working in the hospital as a casher; Sr. Marietta Ndinda, formator for aspirants end Sr. Silvana Matheos, Superior of the fraternity and working in the hospital as pharmacist assistance.
During the pandemic period the Sisters were continue working in the hospital risking their lives to assist the sick without fear of the pandemic while they are praying.
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